The Open Fund Winter 2023/2024 Artist Project Grant application is now open through 11:59pm March 25, 2024.

Application Details 

Applications submitted in English must be completed through the online portal, which will be accessible here:

For individuals submitting an application in an alternative language, please use the application outline below and submit via email to:

The application will include the following six sections; please use this as a guide to prepare your application in advance: 

1) Contact Info
  Please provide the following information for the Lead Organizer:

2) Project Summary 

3) Visual Support Materials 

Visual support materials should help the jurors understand the project and your ability to realize it.

For each of your support materials, please include a description and relevant explanatory notes (max 50 words per entry). Please provide 10 visual examples, including: 

4) Project Description 

5) Bios

Please provide a short bio for the lead organizer, as well as any key collaborators and artists (up to 5 bios, max 100 words each). Focus on experience relevant to this project. We will not accept CVs or resumes.

6) Budget

Please list expenses for your project. This program supports fair pay for all artists involved with your project; Lead Organizers may budget up to 15% of the total grant requested for their time organizing the project ($750 for a $5,000 grant or $1,500 for a $10,000 grant).

You are not expected to have additional income for the project outside of the The Open Fund grant, but please indicate it if you plan to do additional fundraising and what your goals are. Your budget must show a zero balance between your Expenses and Income. 

These guidelines can be made available in alternative formats or languages. To accommodate your request, please contact us at or (414) 226-1978.

application available here: